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June 23, 2008



I like it. I had a similar idea that I have yet to execute. In my plan, I wanted to make stickers that read "Made from trees" with the image of a clear-cut forest. Then I'd go to the supermarket and stick them on brands like Bounty and Kleenex so people would think before purchasing. A bit more aggressive, but akin to the "These come from trees" idea.

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You all know I'm a big sucker for small efforts trying to make big differences...who knew I'd find my latest pet campaign in an airport bathroom. After an exhausting 6 a.m. flight to Boston this past Friday, I decided to freshen up in the bathroom before heading out to rental car hell. Every paper towel dispenser had a sticker slapped on it that said "Remember...these come from trees." Got me to immediately cut down on my paper towel consumption.


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