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February 14, 2008


Christopher Del Coro

I read the Courant article and immediately went on and signed the Microsoft petition. What do you mean by your concern about being "mildly coherent"? You're !@#$% brilliant!!! This is a great message and a great cause, especially for us who want to start making those little changes in our lives to help save this earth for future generations.
I've been changing the margins for as long as I can remember, along with lowering the scale % in page setup when printing off the internet, all in the name of saving paper.
I'm so glad you started this!

Christopher Del Coro
West Hartford, CT


Thanks so much for the great feedback, and for spreading the word. An amazing part of this campaign has been connecting with people such as yourself who are of the same mindset.

My latest favorite trick (in addition to Margin-changing), is printing 2 pages/sheet. I've found it to be especially useful for internal meetings and drafts.


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