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September 07, 2007


Mother Earth

Just discovered this idea and you - Bravo to you!! You took a "what if idea" to a completely different level. I applaud you.

I have been paper a phobic for some time, not from a green perspective but more because my mother used to count pencils and paper at the beginning of the school year – must be frugal, must be frugal!!

( she counted q tips too – I used the most q tips in the family - just so you know – at age 12 I had to buy my own – my habits were costing her too much money –HA!! ), so how many q-tips are too many?

Paper, in my world as a kid fell into the category of do not waste, I got very good with an eraser and use to actually re-use paper over and over. In art school I struggled terribly with perfection in my work as to not waste paper. My friends use to mock me and take huge sheets and just crumple them. Kindof like let it go Karen -- it’s only paper.

These days for me it is about being green and I have been striving for a paperless office. Proudly my business is virtually virtual, bill paying on line made that a snap too and saying no to a receipt puts the paper in their recycling bin instead of my purse filing system. I reduced my file cabinets by 50% and look forward to reducing that again. I love the premise of every little bit helps and that together we all can make a difference.

You took a hardship so to speak and solved it with such a simple premise and then asked the question gee if everyone did this would it help -

I appreciate it's singular focus

I have a few connections that are like minded, I'd love to point them out to you --- for the sake of ease they are the in blogs and sites I like section of my Best of Mother Earth Blog www.bestwellnessconsultant.com -- give them a click and poke around a bit - we all support each other in that cyber kindof way - hey to online community

and I think it's important to share each other's work ( sure hope you feel the same )

frank james - she's in toronto - her green essays are amazing

margauerite - or green girl wanna be
check out on her blog - no impact man

what if - my dear friend margaret - feeding haitin children - her nonprofit org is called what if foundation

I look forward to diving in to this blog further, reading more and sharing - very cool stuff

Mother Earth


Fabulous idea! I've always changed my margins in Word, but more for aesthetic reasons--those 1.25" margins look so clunky! Now I found out I'm saving the planet. ;) I'll definitely forward your idea to friends and colleagues.

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