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August 24, 2007



Well, you made it to NPR! I heard the story this afternoon. I work in an office and I will try this immediately!


I heard your idea on NPR just today, Sept. 6 and what a wonderful idea, and so easy to do too. I work in a huge company with many printers and TONS of paper. I just submitted the idea and website to the folks in charge!

Gail Zeppetello

I just heard you on NPR and have signed your petition. I'll also forward your info to friends and myspace. A GREAT idea. Thanks for making it happen!

The Not Quite Crunchy parent

I caught the story this morning and am writing a post which will run on gnmparents.com in their 'A Little Greener" section - Love it!


I work for the man, and I'm so for this! I hope other federallies join in the movement!!!

Sara Ford

Brilliant and simple. I've been setting my margins at 0.5" for years. I've just sent out a link to your website and petition to my entire agency and to all my friends. Thanks for getting the word out.

John Briley

Great report today!

I will be sending this suggestion to everyone in my company! Keep up the great work!


I heard your piece on NPR this afternoon and came home to check out this website. What a great idea! I, too, have been changing the margins for years and wondering why Microsoft Word is defaulted to 1.25. I will spread the word and sign the petition.

Ryan Flynn

GREAT piece this morning on Day to Day! I, too, immediately changed my margins as soon as I got into work.

One suggestion for the website: you need a very clear and obvious explanation on how to actually change the default margins in Microsoft Word. I'm sure many people are coming to the website to find out how to do this, only to leave frustrated because there's no clear illustration as to how to change the margins.

Keep fighting the fight!


Just popped in to say hello from another NPR listener!

Bethany Cook

I heard the story on NPR and I love the idea! I have posted the info & your link on www.TriadMommies.com and www.TheMommiesNetwork.com Hopefully, we can make these adjustments! Thanks for the idea :D


Just heard this via the NPR Connections Podcast, it's a great idea and I am trying to get my firm (over 60,000 employees) to get in on the act. I am trying to get the environmental and economic cast together (should be interesting).

Thanks for the idea; I'm going to implement it on my PC here at work and on my Mac at home.

Marc Champagne

You should get someone creative to make a (small) poster that we could put around in offices/departments.


The NPR story is what brought me to the site, and I love the idea! Thank you for making this blog :)

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