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August 23, 2007


Peter Gold

I just heard the NPR story on NPR and loved it. I'm a grad. student at Pacific University here in Portland, OR which has 2500 students. I will be putting this idea before the powers that be and will keep you posted!

Good idea, good work!

Melanie Kline

I heard your story on NPR the other day and was so excited to hear someone else doing what I have been doing for years. I teach at a middle school so I am always trying to reduce the amount of paper used in classes. So many teachers, especially ones that collect handwritten pages from students, only allow writing on one side of the paper. Think of how much paper (and money) would be saved if we could get teachers at every level on board with this idea.


Good point. Even if kids are handwriting their papers, they should still be encouraged to engage in eco-friendly homework practices. It's a great way to teach them two lessons at once.

Wow. I sound like a teacher now. Or maybe my parents? When did THAT happen?!?


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