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I am not a doctor, a researcher or an engineer.
I fell asleep regularly in physics class, and the only chemistry I really cared about was trying something experimental with the guy who sat behind me in 10th grade.

So, a science blog, you ask?

Yep. Despite failed labs and exploding Bunsen burners, my internal science geek is alive and well. I'm eternally fascinated by 'what if' and 'why', even while not always understanding the 'how'. The moral repercussions of new discoveries and the way they work themselves into our culture, our politics and our every day lives continue to excite, enchant and intoxicate me.

So I thought I'd write about them a little bit.
Along with a few thoughts about film & theatre.

The arts are my usual bailiwick.
I’m a classically trained actress and have appeared in numerous theater productions in the L.A. area, as well as in comedy shows such as MORTIFIED! and SHOW & TELL (UCB). On-screen appearances include ALL MY CHILDREN, CHARMED, SEVENTH HEAVEN and STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (yes, I have a playing card, much to my Trekkie father`s delight). I also love me some internets, and can be seen in the web series BACK ON TOPPS and THE SHAMAN. For my full resume, click here. You can watch my theatrical reel here. For more on my theater company, The Antaeus Company, click here.

I'm one third of the SCIRENS, a collective of actresses dedicated to advocating for scientific literacy in the general public and creating science-infused entertainment content. You can follow our sci-enthusiastic adventures here or find us on Twitter @Scirens.
I’m an on-camera host, something that feeds my eternal curiosity, as well as my appetite for writing & producing. Red carpets, sit down interviews, studio pieces, on location adventures – I love it all! I especially enjoy covering entertainment and science & tech news and events. Adventures include hosting MARVEL LIVE's Red Carpet premiere shows for movies like THE AVENGERS and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY; covering the Oscars and the Emmys for THE RED CARPET REPORT; writing and hosting 30 episodes of THE SPOTLIGHT, a lighthearted tech news show for consumer tech site Tom's Guide; correspondent work for PBS's WIRED SCIENCE; and AT THE FEST (Webby honoree), which featured interviews with independent film directors, writers and talent.
My writing spans both narrative work and traditional reporting. I earned an Emmy Award for writing on the acclaimed Pemberley Digital series EMMA APPROVED, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's EMMA. My work on the series also included transmedia writing and strategy for the show's multiple social platforms, a role I also filled for the company's latest series, FRANKENSTEIN, M.D.
As a print journalist, I have been published in VARIETY, FILMMAKER and THE INDEPENDENT. Online outlets include, indieWire,, and I took a deep dive into the the world of non-fiction film when serving as Associate Editor of the IDA's DOCUMENTARY magazine, writing stories about everything from director/subject relationships to filmmaker profiles to distribution how-to's. In my spare time, I blog about science and the arts at Science Lush.
I'm a frequent speaker and moderator on industry panels focusing on technology, new media and the entertainment industry, including events hosted by Digital Hollywood; Women in Film; NATPE's LATVFest; the Writers Guild of America, West; the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); Social Media Week; the Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance; the Organization of Black Screenwriters; LA WebFest; the Jackson Hole Tech Symposium; and Science Online.

I love working on other people's projects as well as my own. I was an interactive producer with entertainment marketing firm Crew Creative, where I worked on projects for clients such as Discovery Channel, Overture Films, Picture People, and Warner Independent Pictures. I also work as a freelance field producer for companies such as IFC News and Barnes and Noble, shooting everything from event coverage to man-on-the-street pieces.
My grassroots environmental campaign, CHANGE THE MARGINS, focuses on making the world a bit more eco-friendly, one piece of paper at a time. It's been featured on NPR and in a variety of new publications and periodicals. For more,

When science, acting & writing aren't enough to keep my busy, I dabble with marathon running, dancing and trying to figure out how to save the planet from the Republicans...