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Actress/Writer/Correspondent/Grassroots Activist/Marathon Runner/ScienceGeek/Terminally Curious


I am not a doctor, a researcher or an engineer.
I fell asleep regularly in physics class, and the only chemistry I really cared about was trying something experimental with the guy who sat behind me in 10th grade.

So, a science blog, you ask?

Yep. Despite failed labs and exploding bunsen burners, my internal science geek is alive and well. I'm eternally fascinated by 'what if' and 'why', even while not always understanding the 'how.'. The moral repercussions of new discoveries and the way they work themselves into our culture, our politics and our every day lives continue to excite, enchant and intoxicate me.

So I thought I'd write about them a little bit.
Along with a few thoughts about film & theatre.

The arts are my usual bailiwick. I'm currently the Associate Editor of DOCUMENTARY magazine, published by the International Documentary Association, and I freelance for publications such as Filmmaker Magazine and Variety. I do a ton o`work with film festivals, most recently serving as the Associate Director of the film program for HBO`s Comedy Arts Festival, held yearly in Aspen, CO. I have also worked for the Los Angeles Film Festival, Maui Film Fest, and AFIFEST.

Onscreen adventures include appearances in CHARMED, SEVENTH HEAVEN and a blink-and-you`ll-miss-her performance in STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (yes, I have a playing card, much to my Trekkie father`s delight). I am a member of the Antaeus Company, an award winning, classical Los Angeles theatre co. with which I perform regularly.

When science, acting & writing aren't enough to keep my busy, I dabble with marathon running, dancing and trying to figure out how to save the planet from the Republicans...